Since 2011, Solwit SA is committed to helping others accelerate their businesses and get rid of technological debt using digital technologies. We’ve grown as a provider of custom software development, software testing, cloud services, and IT outsourcing.

It has recently come to our attention that our company is showcased in the cloud consulting and list of Clutch leaders software development space in Poland. For context, Clutch is an established platform in the heart of Washington, DC, committed to helping small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses identify and connect with the service providers they need to achieve their goals.

Their review process…

One of the biggest financial institutions in Poland creates a private banking application. Now the application needs to be tested extensively in both desktop and mobile versions. But manual testing, used up to this point, is quite slow. This is where we come in — we decide to automate the whole process to introduce the new product to the market as soon as possible.

Work organization.

Before starting any work on test automation we had to do the basics for this kind of project.

We defined:

  • test scenarios,
  • created the right testing environment,
  • designed the testing process,
  • selected the right tools and…

During the last webinar with SoDA Piotr and Maciej, our safety-critical experts, talked on what we have learned from creating the software that human life depends on. They shared what are the best practices of developing safety-critical systems, that can be useful in creating any kind of software.

Hi, I am Piotr Strzałkowski.

As I could not be present at the webinar today, we decided to make the recording for you, to present our journey from regular to the systems that human life relies on and present the valuable tips to implement in delivering regular software.

Standards and procedures in our first highly safety-critical project.

Piotr Strzałkowski: The very…

.Net is one of the most frequently chosen technology platforms for business applications. Solwit delivered over 50 huge Dot Net projects (plus number of less complex business applications), and no wonder that Software Engineers at Solwit are real fans of the object-oriented approach of .Net and for the convenience coming from the seamless work across multiple operating systems. Moreover our Product Managers also recommend .Net to building a high-quality, ultra-complex web or desktop application.

See what Solwit actually delivers, when building your apps on .Net:

Shorter time to market

.NET allows faster development of high-quality applications and is considered the most productive platform for…

Unfortunately, the most honest answer here is the iconic “it depends”. The price of the tests consists of many elements, such as:

  • The purpose of testing — the selection of the type and scope of tests depends on it, and thus — the number and type of resources that should be involved in the execution of the order.
  • Technologies of the tested software — if the program was built with the use of unique technologies, it may turn out that in order to conduct effective tests, it will be necessary to involve specific competences
  • Time available for testing — you…

It’s a good habit of software developers to test their own code. Surprisingly, some product owners consider this to be enough for product launch, and calculate savings which actually turn to be the short end of the stick.

See why your product should be reviewed by professional testers:

Development practices according to V-model

The V-model defines three parts of the project:

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Verification

If you are: a Project Manager, a Product Owner, an HR Manager, an IT Supervisor, a Product Manager, or a Delivery Manager and you are facing the challenge of building an IT team, you should probably consider outsourcing as the right and the best way to go.

As an HR Business Partner I have experienced this dilemma multiple times. Did I hesitate to commit to an already formed team dedicated to development and testing of IT solutions? Of course I did. …

Maintaining the highest level of system security results in significant increase in cost and duration of the development process. How to evaluate the security standards — explains Maciej, our expert in life-saving software systems.

Maintaining the highest level of system security results in significant increase in cost and duration of the development process. On the other hand, not all systems are equally critical and even within one system several sub-systems requiring different security standards can be distinguished. Take a car as an example — a brake system failure will have much more dire consequences than a radio malfunction. …

While designing safety-critical systems we need to make sure that the devices will perform their assigned tasks properly but also keep the risk of any dangerous occurrence at reasonably low levels. It does not mean that such projects are exempt from limited budgets and fixed schedules. On the contrary, it means that developing such systems is a difficult compromise — strong focus on safety means higher complexity and more functionalities, but limited time and resources increase the risk of potential mistakes.

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