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4 min readOct 19, 2021

The studies show the way goods are placed on store shelves have an impact on the effectiveness of sales and improves the shopping experience. Sales managers are often required to follow the product display guidelines of certain brands.

Shelf Inspection AI is a system that automates the real-time planogram verification process and enhances its efficiency. It also offers various benefits, and as a result, allows minimizing the risk of financial losses resulting from incorrect exposure. Read and find out if this solution fits your business!

Merchandising is the key

In-store merchandising is a set of activities intended to influence the consumer’s behaviour by optimizing item exposition, in accordance with the prepared planograms.

Why is the planogram so important? Firstly, following its guidelines, we fulfil contractual obligations towards the suppliers. Secondly, proper exposure leads to better sales results.

If we want to achieve high merchandising effectiveness, we need to use displays, place promotional products in key locations on the shelves, expose the right quantities of products and include additional marketing materials.

Shelf Inspection AI will help

One of the reasons for low sales in traditional stores is ineffective merchandising, often inconsistent with the guidelines. There is a solution that will significantly improve the indicators. At Solwit, we have created Shelf Inspection AI — software for retail stores that helps to verify the exposition of all product categories placed on the shelves.

How it works

The employee responsible for proper exposition receives a request from the headquarters with a planogram on his/her mobile phone. Empleyee takes a photo of the shelf using the app. The system uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, to analyze the content of the photo. Then it informs immediately if the products have been placed correctly. AI recognizes the type and number of products and compares them with the planogram with 99,5% accuracy.

The Shelf Inspection AI system:

  • verifies the arrangement of products in accordance with the planogram,
  • monitors multiple goods on shelves and checks their order,
  • controls proper labelling of promotional campaigns,
  • generates extensive and transparent real-time reports, which can be used internally or for settlements with partners.

Cloud solutions allow real-time merchandising analysis. In addition, they let you share the data with product suppliers on an ongoing basis. There is also an option of archiving reports and photos of the exposition.

Benefits for your company

Supporting merchandising with the Shelf Inspection AI brings tangible benefits for the entire company.

  • 99,5% correctly identified products on the photo,
  • exposure analysis process in less than 60 seconds,
  • immediate exposition verification,
  • real-time report preparation,
  • decreased cost of merchandising analysis,
  • high AI efficiency,
  • flexibility to learn new products.

Implementation of the exposition verification system in a few easy steps

  1. Profitability analysis

At the very beginning, our experts conduct workshops to analyze the current exposure verification process. During the meeting, they also indicate areas for

2. Solution proposition

In the next stage, we propose a solution tailored to your business. We show you the benefits that you will achieve by implementing the automated product exposition verification

3. Proof of Concept

The third step is to train the neural network model based on product exposition. This stage will be adapted to the verification requirements of a specific planogram. After developing the model, we carry out tests to check the system’s effectiveness.

4. Implementation and support

At Solwit, we care not only about the effective implementation of the solution in your company, but also about ensuring that it maximizes business benefits. Our experts support you in software implementation and then help you utilize its maximum potential to automate processes in your commercial network.

Shelf Inspection AI use cases

  • Tracking marketing campaigns — attention to exposition and real-time reports allow you to meet contractual exposition obligations.
  • Price control — you will make sure that the store has the current prices and price differentiators of your products in place.
  • Planogram compliance verification — with Shelf Inspection AI you can check: the quantity and sequence of products, the number of visible “faces” of the product, compliance with the planogram, product categories, price and price differentiators.
  • Shelf share analysis — you can easily check the share of your items in the entire exposition and optimize merchandising in the retail network.

Optimize your merchandising and improve sales results

Automating the process of the verification of exposition in retail stores means improving and accelerating the control process. Most importantly, it leads to an increase in sales rates through proper presentation of articles on stores’ shelves. Proper presentation means compliance with the requirements of the brand manager in terms of the number of products, their arrangement, as well as proper exposition or labelling promotion.

You don’t have to wait long for the results of using the Shelf Inspection AI system. It has a positive impact on both: the sales volume of a given store and business relationships with partners whose brands are sold there.

If you want to learn more about Shelf Inspection AI or book a consultation with our experts, click here.



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