How we fitted a radiator with IoT solutions?

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2 min readApr 14, 2020

The client is a manufacturer of room and bathroom heaters, electric heaters, and heating system accessories for European markets. In 2018, the company decided to expand its portfolio to include a modern line of radiators with an automated heating management module.


The customer’s products were not competitive enough in the innovative market of smart devices.

The client offered products with Bluetooth connectivity, however, they still required human operation and proximity to the remote. The decision was made to enhance the devices with the ability to be controlled from anywhere, thus being highly competitive in the innovative SMART product market.


SMART software for automatic room temperature control.

To increase the competitiveness of their products, the client decided to create an application to automate room temperature control — the heating output would be adjusted automatically based on the ambient temperature.

The application use would also result in time and power saving, as well as unlimited control over the system regardless of the user’s location, via the internet connection.

Users would be able to set the required temperature remotely, via a mobile application, by voice assistant solutions such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, and the IFTTT service. The option to configure the devices would reduce heating costs without any negative impact on the comfort of their users.

Currently, the application and all devices included in the system communicate via wi-fi and standard routers. The app makes it possible to divide the building into independent heating zones and regulate temperature for each of them separately.

The system provides full control, automation, and power savings thanks to functions such as:

  • user location mode, turning the heating on when the user approaches the house,
  • weekly scheduling,
  • start in advance,
  • holiday mode,
  • dryer mode,
  • parental control,
  • temperature, humidity, and power consumption statistics.

The system comprises heating devices (electric radiators, thermostatic heads, and electric heaters), and sensors for temperature, humidity, and open windows.


A remotely managed IoT system for temperature control, with a real-time data analysis.

Solwit provided the client with the competencies of an independent and complete engineering team that designed, created, tested, and implemented a cloud solution utilizing the Google Cloud Platform.

The data generated by IoT devices is stored and processed in the cloud. Based on user preferences and location, the system adjusts to reach the optimal heating output in the room.

We have also designed a user portal and mobile applications for the solution, as well as integrated the system with the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT technologies.

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